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The thinking, creativity, and passion of a digital agency. The strategy, process, and engineering depth of a technology consultancy.

brand—meet technology

For a long time, marketing was synonymous with advertising. Even when the world went digital and marketing went online it was just another arm of the advertising campaign. There wasn’t much difference between the digital approach and what was happening in print and on TV. Brands could be built solely through advertising because consumers weren’t hearing much about its products from anyone else.

Those days are over. No one has to watch a commercial anymore if they don’t want to. Print has gone the way of the dodo. And online and mobile ads have been proven even easier to avoid—and thus less effective—than their analog counterparts. Today, consumers control how they learn, compare, engage, and buy. Marketing needs to meet them in various channels and influence not just one customer, but a whole network of people.

Digital agencies look at this new world and talk a lot about the need to be "storytellers;" but how do you tell a story to a customer who does not have to listen?

We believe brands should engage customers by providing digital products, platforms, and experiences. These products may serve a marketing purpose, but success comes from delivering legitimate value and utility to customers. Only in return for providing useful products does a brand get loyalty, engagement, and ultimately revenue.

Digital products are different from advertising. Digital products are not just pretty to look at, they need to be able to do something. Digital products are not disposed of at the end of a campaign cycle, they are durable systems that are meant to be used again and again. And digital products do not stand alone off on some microsite that exists in a vacuum. They often need complex integration with other business processes and systems.

Digital agencies may have ideas and stories and pictures. And this works when you are trying to take an advertising campaign and deliver it digitally. But they lack the technical skills, development methodologies, and cultural priorities to deliver truly useful digital products.

Technology consultants come up short as well. They may know systems, but struggle to balance marketing and brand strategy, visual design, and the user-experience required in consumer-facing products.

a digital consultancy for today

SolutionSet is a digital consultancy that was built from the ground up to balance brand and technology in order to architect the kinds of digital products and experiences that provide real value to users.

We are every bit as comfortable working with the marketing creative as the IT geniuses. Half our people work in creative. Half in engineering. We combine innovative business and brand strategy with an ability to execute technically.

We have grown faster than any digital agency or IT consultancy while moving into bigger assignments with bigger brands. And we've done this without ever hiring a salesperson. How? Because we’ve been creating valuable digital products for years and now the market is catching up with us. Many of our clients have been burned not once, but repeatedly by digital agencies that come up with great concepts but cannot execute.

Forward-thinking clients understand the customer experience is everything and increasingly they are turning toward consultancies that have technology and product thinking deep in their DNA.

SolutionSet helps brands meet technology. Learn more about our people, methodology, and beliefs.

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  • Founded in 2006 Founded In 2006
  • Sites launched 1000+ site launches
  • Long client engagements Average length of client engagement is 5 years
  • Employees 200+ employees across 3 offices
  • Employees from all over the world Diverse employee base from 6 countries
  • Bike commuters 16 bike commuters
  • Prefer Macs 82% prefer Macs over PCs

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