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Speck Products designs functional and stylish cases and covers for iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Kindles, and more.


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The Challenge

As a leading provider of mobile phone cases, Speck Products had seen a substantial number of leads and sales come through customers’ mobile devices—roughly 30% of visits were coming through iDevices—despite the fact that they did not currently have a mobile version of their eCommerce site. To better serve customers shopping on mobile devices and grow sales via this channel, Speck Products needed a mobile website that offered a better product browsing and shopping experience—one that was on par with their desktop experience.

The Solution

To improve the experience for Speck’s mobile customers, SolutionSet integrated a range of services including user experience, visual design, technical design, and development.

SolutionSet’s User Experience team first examined the websites of Speck and other industry leaders and then architected a mobile site that embodied the outstanding visual aspects and key content of Speck’s desktop site. The mobile site was built with the goal of creating a best-in-class browsing and shopping experience. To meet this goal, collapsible elements were implemented in the design, content was simplified, and imagery was optimized.

SolutionSet leveraged Speck’s existing eCommerce software platform, Magento, to build the mobile website.

The Result

The Speck mobile site launched successfully in July 2012 and users are now able to buy cases for their phones—from their phones.

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