a colorful stage for printing solutions.

EFI (Electronics for Imaging, Inc.), a market leader in printing technology, provides products, services, and support to handle all businesses' printing needs.


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The Challenge

Previously, EFI's website was very text heavy and many agreed that it was hard to navigate. As a print company, it was crucial that the EFI website showcase more of the color that makes their products so popular. EFI asked SolutionSet to visually refresh their page templates—without redesigning their entire layout—to provide a more colorful and user-friendly experience while highlighting strategic marketing messaging. EFI’s code was difficult for the marketing team to update, requiring developers to make simple copy edits.

The Solution

The SolutionSet development team carefully examined the structure of EFI's existing templates and worked closely with the designers to refresh key visual elements, the main focus being an interactive Flash banner for the homepage showcasing EFI's product families. Navigation treatment, page background gradients, and new header treatments were also implemented. In addition, SolutionSet implemented the Sitecore content management system to manage the EFI corporate website, as well as peripheral websites such as the Partner Portal and Sales Portal.

The Result

The site better showcases EFI’s printing capabilities through highlighting imagery made possible with their equipment as well as the equipment itself. The marketing and product managers can own their content, put updates through an approval process, and not have to rely on a developer.

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