founded and led by practitioners.

The founders of SolutionSet aren't sales people—they're technologists, designers, strategists, and problem solvers. Their shared history and vision has led to the creation of a new kind of digital company.

Our leadership team founded SolutionSet on the shared belief that brands would not only increasingly depend on technology, but that technology would become increasingly complex beyond what creative agencies could deliver. They were right.

Today, the SolutionSet is a digital consultancy fully equipped to not only deliver creative work but also provide the technical development capabilities to bring that work to life. And though the once small team has grown to 200+ employees and three offices, SolutionSet’s ideals have remained the same:

  • That the best designers are ones who understand technology.
  • The best technologists are the ones that understand design.
  • The only project and account leads worth hiring are the ones who have spent time in the trenches themselves.

In other words, the SolutionSet team should always remain as it began – with technology people, strategic people and solutions people.

Meet our leadership team.

Leadership Team

Lisa Henderson

Managing Director,
Client Services

Wayne Townsend

Managing Director,
Digital Channel Delivery

Stephen Bernstein


Mike Lee