what we believe.

Values are for bumper stickers unless they can be clearly represented in your operations and work. SolutionSet was founded on a core set of beliefs that have and will continue to guide us.

the experience is the brand

  • We never compromise the experience in pursuit of cool.
  • We measure the success of our work not in awards, but in results.
  • We do not let design dictate technology (or vice versa), they are equal and joined domains.
  • A 360-degree view of a problem gives us the ability to address all parts of the solution.

focus on delivery, not sales

  • We commit to solving hard problems whether they are technical, timeline, or multi-dimensional in nature.
  • We have and will continue to build the business via customer satisfaction, referrals, and long-term relationships.

bureaucracy is the enemy

  • We strip away any bureaucracy that impedes client success or drives unnecessary costs.
  • We avoid account people who can’t get their hands dirty and managers who can only manage.
  • We define and reward employees based on what they can do, not by titles and ranks.

be a true partner

  • We commit to being true partners to our clients and focusing on solving their problems.
  • We look for relationships with mutual respect and an understanding that long-term success only happens when both parties find value in the relationship.

Company We Keep

  • CA Lottery®California Lottery
  • Cord Blood RegistryCord Blood Registry
  • CiscoCisco
  • efi®efi
  • SyncplicitySyncplicity
  • TiVoTiVo
  • VerizonVerizon